What Is Sitting Disease?

Michael Samoylov

You are reading this while sitting in a chair, right? You have most probably been there for a few hours, just like most people.

Do you realize how much time you spend sitting down each day?

You are sitting: while driving to and from work, while at work you are sitting for a further eight hours, while relaxing in the evening watching TV another couple of hours is spent in the seated position. Even if you don’t watch TV, you will almost certainly be sitting to use your smartphone to send emails, shop online, be active in social media, play a few games and read a few articles before finally standing up and going to bed.

A couple of decades ago, you would have had to leave the comfort of your sofa to do those things. Not now. Now they are all done sitting. Sitting on your comfy sofa.

If the only exercise you get is moving your fingers across a keyboard or moving from the TV to the fridge, you may be suffering from sitting disease. Who would have thought that you could get something so detrimental to your health just from sitting.

Studies show that if you stay physically inactive for long periods, you risk developing cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, amongst other nasties.

You have to be physically active if you want to live well and longer.

Join us in the fight against sitting disease. take a simple push up test to assess your current fitness level.

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Michael Samoylov
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